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Seahawks’ Doug Baldwin On Pushing Assistant Tom Cable: ‘I lost my cool’



Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin has had to answer questions after shoving offensive line coach Tom Cable in a heated sideline exchange during the Seattle’s 24-7 win over the New York Giants on Sunday.

During the 2nd quarter, and with Seattle trailing 7-0, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that he instructed Cable to talk to Seattle’s offense on the sideline after it came off the field but Baldwin didn’t want Cable doing the talking, he wanted quarterback Russell Wilson doing it.

On television, it showed Baldwin pushing Cable away and yelling at Russell while teammates surrounded them.

Baldwin said he apologized to Cable and the two were seen talking later in the game and at one point, Cable had his arm around Baldwin was they talked.

“I lost my cool. It’s 100 percent my fault,” Baldwin said about the incident.

“At that moment, I was really frustrated with the offense as a whole. Not the coaching staff — the players. Again, it goes back to our X’s and O’s. We had the playcalls. We just didn’t execute. Whether it was passing the ball, blocking, catching, jumping offsides, false starting, whatever it may be, we weren’t executing as players, and to me there is nothing a coach can say. We have to take accountability for that.”

Baldwin stated he wasn’t going after Cable.

“Y’all know I love Cable to death,” Baldwin stated. “Me and Cable have one of the best relationships from coach to player. That was 100 percent my fault. I already apologized to him. He knows how I am. It’s just at that moment, the players needed to realize it’s the players — it’s not the coaches.”


Buccaneers’ Bruce Arians Says It Will Take Massive Offer To Trade Down



If teams are looking to entice the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to trade down in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft they will have to pony up a huge offer.

The Bucs own the 5th overall pick in the draft, and head coach Bruce Arians intends to stay put unless a team is willing to give them a ridiculous offer for them to move down from their spot.

“There would have to be some hellacious picks,’’ Arians said, according to the Tampa Bay Times’ Rick Stroud.

“There’s five guys on the board I love. You’d have to throw the bank and open the vault for Jason (Licht) to move down. I’m not saying that we wouldn’t. Just looking at the guys that are there. There’s really six guys that are once in a generation type players. I feel great about this draft.”

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Detroit Lions

Lions’ Kenny Golladay Excited to Work with Danny Amendola



Detroit Lions wide receiver Kenny Golladay is looking forward to learning from veteran wide receiver Danny Amendola, who signed with the Lions during free agency this offseason.

“We’re still just figuring each other out, but I know one thing, his work ethic is crazy,” Golladay said, according to Justin Rogers of the Detroit News.

“It’s through the roof. He wants to push everyone. And when you have a guy like that, a vet guy, a savvy vet, you just really want to follow up under him. I’m not going to let him go out there and out-run me.”

After a breakout 2018 season, Golladay is looking to keep the productivity rolling along.

“The challenge is just picking up where I left off,” Golladay said. “Don’t become complacent, you know. Just need to keep my same focus and that’s what I’m going to do.”

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Atlanta Falcons

Falcons Pick Up Keanu Neal’s Option



The Atlanta Falcons have exercised the fifth-year option on the contract of safety Keanu Neal, according to a team announcement.

Neal, 23, has started every game at safety for the Falcons since they drafted him in the 1st round of the 2016 NFL Draft, highlighted by a Pro Bowl nomination in 2017.

Neal’s season was cut short due to a torn ACL last season, but the Falcons have seen enough of his potential to warrant picking up his option.

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