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Redskins’ Adrian Peterson Ready for Lead Back Workload



When it comes to handling the workload associated with being a lead back, Adrian Peterson is ready to take it on this season for the Washington Redskins, even at age 33.

When coaches ask him how many carries he wants, Peterson responds accordingly.

“I’m like, how many times do you want? You want 30? You want 15? You want 40? Whatever it takes” Peterson says, according to ESPN’s John Keim. “I’m excited, man. It’s a new journey for me. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve had a group of guys in front of me that are good at blocking. I’m very excited about that. I’ve been looking forward to that for two to three years.”

The numbers work against Peterson, suggesting he is more primed for a decline than a major year.

“There are special athletes out there that defy the numbers,” Redskins running backs coach Randy Jordan said. “I’m hoping he’s one of them.”

“He is very competitive,” Jordan said of Peterson’s approach. “You don’t get to where he is in terms of his career if you don’t have something different about you. He’s kind of a perfectionist. He’s anal about a lot of different things, his routine. He’s never satisfied. He always feels he can do better, which is why he is who he is and why he’s been able to play as long as he has.”

“We know his history. He still has some speed; he still has power,” Jordan said. “He’s going to wear guys down to a certain degree. … The first thing that goes for a running back is his vision. From the plays he ran against Denver, I was like, this guy still has pretty good vision. I don’t go in looking at numbers; I try to get a feel for the game and how he’s running and how everything’s being blocked and go from there.”

“He’s very detail-oriented. He wants to know why are we running this concept and what is the design of this play,” Jordan said. “He’s not just trying to memorize plays; he wants to know the reasoning and the schematics behind it.”

“He wants to get his reps and he’s not about sharing reps with guys,” Jordan said. “But the biggest thing for him is where he is in his career. He’s hungry to prove something. A lot of times when that happens, when you get an athlete like that and he gets backed into a corner and people question his age, whatever it may be, that’s all they need.”

Peterson knows that there are doubters, probably far more than there are believers, but he is using the doubts as motivation to prove them wrong.

“I’d be lying to say it doesn’t, but I feel like anyone doing anything, you always have some doubters,” Peterson said, “that people give up on you and it motivates you to keep pressing forward. That’s been part of my motivation.”

Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys to Release Taco Charlton if No Trade is Made



Should the Dallas Cowboys fail to find a suitable deal for pass rusher Taco Charlton, they plan to release him, according to NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport and Jane Slater.

Charlton, a former first round draft pick, has been a major disappointment during his short career, and with the return of defensive end Robert Quinn from a two-game ban, there is no more room for Charlton on the roster.

Charlton, 24, has battled injuries during his career, and has been hit with the injury bug this past offseason.

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New Orleans Saints

Saints Not Placing Drew Brees on IR



The New Orleans Saints are not planning to place franchise quarterback Drew Brees on injured reserve, meaning Brees could be eligible to return sooner than eight weeks.

Had the Saints opted to place Brees on the IR, he would have been shelved for at least 8 weeks.

The Saints could see Brees return following their bye week, and will now turn to Teddy Bridgewater as their signal caller until he does return.

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Jets Sign David Fales



David Fales

The New York Jets have signed veteran quarterback David Fales, who is very familiar with head coach Adam Gase, according to the New York Daily News’ Manish Mehta.

Fales will now backup Luke Falk, who takes over as the starter until Sam Darnold is healthy enough to return.

Fales spent time with Gase while both were with the Miami Dolphins, and while the two were together with the Chicago Bears.

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